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Oh yes, Pop Rocks. This is the candy that killed “Mikey” from the Life cereal ads you know, “Hey Mikey! He likes it!” Okay, so that turned out to be a rumor. He didn’t really eat three packs of cherry Pop Rocks, wash them down with a can of Coke, and suffer a chemical reaction that turned him into a parade balloon.

Online dating is nothing more than another option or (tool) for meeting others. Much like a fork it can be used to eat a garden salad or a slice of double fudge chocolate cake. However I have never heard of an overweight person blame their weight gain on a fork! And yet people blame their bad dating experiences on the Internet/online dating.

Gets pretty good reviews for their store in SoHo, but as one Yelper notes: the store friendly for budget shoppers. Looks like they set for summertime, and if you can quite make out those faces, don worry none of them are major athletes. Just models making the store look pretty..

Apple Pay will be available in October for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and only in the US to start with. It will also be available for the Apple Watch when it released in 2015. Will Apple Pay kill off cash or the real world leather wallet? We write more about that soon..

Trouble hit in the early ’90s, when the capital’s property market collapsed and left Kaempfer Co. Wallowing in $1 billion worth of red ink. When its big name tenants, including Liz Claiborne and Nike, urged a European expansion, Glen told Kaempfer, “I’m too tired, I’m too old, I’m too busy.

This exhibition started with a desire to look for young artists that do away with representation of external reality and attempt to create self referential works, moving from re presenting the world to presenting small new worlds. Of course, artists can’t work ex nihilo (from nothing), they always carry their cultural, historical, formal baggage. They come from Auchi or from Yaba, Nsukka, Ife or somewhere else and these different backgrounds show in their works..

But whatever secrets the Tarahumara are hiding, they’ve hidden them well. To this day, the Tarahumara live in the side of cliffs higher than a hawk’s nest in a land few have ever seen. The Barrancas are a lost world in the most remote wilderness in North America, a sort of a shorebound Bermuda Triangle known for swallowing the misfits and desperadoes who stray inside.

From whichever angle you approach the debate, it’s fair to assume that Meadow’s recent heavy handed actions will not have improved its chances of having its housing development plans approved by Southwark Council. Benji Lanyado, CEO of Hamlet’s shirt sponsor, Picfair, said: “By showing everyone exactly how they operate, they’ve given Southwark even less reason to work with them. Now, surely, the only option they have is to sell which would be a happy ending of entirely their own making.”.

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