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Appresso questo sonetto, apparve a me una mirabile visione, ne la quale io vidi cose che mi fecero proporre di non dire pi di questa benedetta, infino a tanto che io potesse pi degnamente trattare di lei. E di venire a ci io studio quanto posso, s com’ella sae veracemente. S che, se piacere sar di colui a cui tutte le cose vivono, che la mia vita duri per alquanti anni, io spero di dicer di lei quello che mai non fue detto d’alcuna.

Wieden’s work was truly brilliant BBDO’s work was brilliant, and the great thing for us is that the two will work brilliantly together.”According to Dan Wieden, President and Founder, of Wieden + Kennedy, “What a huge win for us,” said Dan Wieden, President, Wieden+Kennedy. “This brand is an intimate part of 60 million lives in this country. Giving it a clear, compelling voice is a massive responsibility.

I can answer the same question over and over until a student understands what I’m trying to say, but that’s about the extent of my patience. I want to be fit and lean and marathon ready now. I don’t want to take two more months to ramp up my mileage.

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When I questioned his behaviour the following day, he explained that his mates didn’t like it when he had a girlfriend so he pretended we weren’t together when they’re around. “During my last relationship, my girlfriend and I sat home every weekend on the couch,” he told me. “I lost all the respect of my mates.

Back then cigarette brands such as Wills and Benson Hedges were still allowed to sponsor tournaments, sweetened aerated drinks were not even close to taking over the cricket market, and kids in India chewed Big Fun bubblegum. It didn’t promise you bright teeth or fresh breath. You had toothpaste for that.

‘After collaborative discussions evolved, it was clear that their vision for skateboarding competition was truly aligned with ours and ultimately proved to be the best opportunity for evolving Street League and elevating our tour'(Bane). Street League is now funded using Nike money. Street League is the first step, taken by Rob Dyrdek of Rob and Big and The Fantasy Factory fame, to turn skateboarding into a professional sport.

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