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3 points submitted 6 days agoI used FAT1, SC1, Collector 2 and Lone wolf 2 (or 1 if you want to take enforcer or burst pistol with ya) also take +10% parts booster when there is “your clan gonna die” event so you will get 145 parst for downing opponent + 85 points from lone wolf 2 perk + 110 parts from special execution + 75 from execution. Its possible to get a lot of parts with such loadouts. I was able to do slightly above 9000 few times, better players will probably have 10k or even more.lone wolf1:lone wolf2:lone wolf2:Friend of mine had 9300 with semi auto, revolver, FAT 3 and reviver3IMHO none of the perks is worth not taking primary rifle, you need it and its additional ammo for some killsTheUnchainedZebra 30 points submitted 20 days agoAccording to Forbes, Samsung had a 21.9% market share of mobile phones last year, compared to Apple 15.2%.

The orange tag decade spanned the mid 70s up to the early 1980s. Clothing from this decade has a white tab with a blue “Nike” and an orange swoosh. The tag alone helps date the clothing, but also the design and construction are easy giveaways for anyone remotely familiar with vintage clothing.

Weathering the StormU. S. Steel Corporation’s survival of the ups and downs of the economy through a century of dealing business was due its resilience and flexibility to change and adapt through time. Prentice (treasurer), H. E. Beatty (persident), W.

The International Day of People with a Disability is coming up on the 3rd of December. To mark the date, we wanted to introduce you to Tanya, who is deaf. But she thought it was important that you enjoy parts of her story exactly as she would with no sound at all..

We had it all, just for the asking. Our wives, mothers, kids, everybody rode along. I had paper bags filled with jewelry stashed in the kitchen. Six finalists have been selected for the Hugo Boss Prize 2016, the biennial award established in 1996 to recognize artists whose work is among the most innovative and influential of our time. Nancy Spector, Deputy Director and Jennifer and David Stockman Chief Curator, Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, and chair of the jury, announced the finalists chosen by a panel of international critics and curators.

This kind of football boot allows you to track and even upload data that have something to do with your current performance in the game. Say for example, you can include uploading or tracking your speed, distance, sprints, time, high intensity levels for distances, and maximum speed. The Adidas F50 Adizero miCoach comes with a cavity found in its outsole, a specific potion of the boot wherein you can find the revolutionary Speed_Cell only miCoach can provide.

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