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As I neared the end of the first lap, my prayer had been answered and one of the youngsters in front of me broke off and began drifting back to me quickly. Once we made contact, I gave him some encouragement to stay with me partly for some company, but also because I like to lend a helping hand where I can. He drew shoulder to shoulder with me, but his breathing was all over the shop; I told him we were going to run an even pace so that he could steady his breathing.

The field thinned out, leaving only a couple of scattered 10k runners ahead of me. True to my word, the pace certainly picked up and I cranked out a 3:48 6th km split.Turning left for the climb, I focused myself to temper that fine line between covering the ascent as quickly as possible without pushing myself too hard and blowing up to kingdom come. With each step I took, I drew closer to the two guys in front.

Gould, Dieffen bach, Moffett (2002) view perfectionism as an adaptive trait that helps to achieve elite performance (as cited in Stoeber Becker, 2008 ). Other researchers define perfectionism as a maladaptive trait that hinders, rather than helps athletic performance (Flett Hewitt, 2005). In a study of female soccer players in their early twenties, Stoeber and Becker investigated how perfectionism among athletes is related to self appreciation and success or self depreciation and failure..

Not only was it a huge culture shock period I had to run a race in a very foreign environment. Even as I walked alone to the my starting corrall, the voices over the loudspeakers were in Japanese (the extent of my vocab includes “konichiwa,” “hai,” and “sayonara.”) I felt like the clear minority amongst the runners and the spectators.But instead of feeling uncomfortable when being so forcefully tossed out of my “comfort zone,” I actually embraced it and really enjoyed the whole experience. After all, running a marathon in general whether it’s in your neighborhood or across the world isn’t really in anyone’s “comfort zone,” is it? But I’ve found that forcing yourself outside of comfortable is how you ultimately get the best, most incredible experiences in life, like studying abroad in Paris while I was in college, moving to NYC to start my career, or running my first half marathon at Disney.

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