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Not hiring a photographer. We were super cheap. Our entire wedding cost less than $4000 which included a meal for 300 guests. TomTom has built in a lot of customizing. There are several choices of voices in different languages and you can program the unit to give you additional voice prompts such as distance since departure or time to instruction. You can make it left hand friendly or change the map colors.

The Coach Company sells cleaners specifically for each type of its handbags. These cleaners cost $10 when purchased directly from the Coach store. In reference to the amount you spend on a handbag, a $10 cleaner to keep your handbag looking great seems like a real deal to me.

Due to a lack of news flow yesterday, most of the focus was still on Glencore and the US investigation. Part of the talk was around the spelling of On SABC yesterday, I (Michael) speculated that management would step in again with their own money, and buy up shares. This is what management did in 2015 when the company share price crashed after an insolvency scare; not a bad way to triple your money in less than three years.

EDIT: This all reminded me of something else. There was, well still is, a label called Youth Attack. One could argue it was the epicenter for the sound and they released a lot of killer records. The genius of this product localization effort is that it is not only Japan specific (no other market has regional flavors) but that it is region specific within Japan are tailored to the peculiar palate of a given region, and are only offered in that specific location. For example, red potato Kit Kats available in Kyushu and yubari melon from Hokkaido cannot be purchased elsewhere in the country, spurring a collect em all frenzy (the specialty flavors, which began to roll out 3 years ago, are wildly popular) and making them tourist worthy souvenirs for travelers from both abroad and at home fun way for Japanese consumers to discover, sample, and appreciate the multifaceted culinary culture and exotic regional fare of their own country. Many of the flavors are offered only for a limited time, with excess inventory being collected and distributed in Bag grab bags sold during major gift giving holidays such as New Year, a move that both creates all important hype as well as efficiently moves inventory..

Once the imagination process is completed, directors, actors, film crews and the like are brought together to create a finished product. This Nike advertisement, as real as it may have seemed, was part of a long, meticulously thought out process that was constructed to send a specific message. In order to appropriately send that message, Nike’s hired hands most likely spent countless hours constructing the most realistic viewing experience for their audience.

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