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Fear of blowing it is so intense in Japan that not many Japanese are entrepreneurs. Failure can be debilitating and the Japanese are just learning, what many Americans do, hide it behind narrative fallacies or hire spin doctors to soften, even nullify the impact of failure. If you fail, the entire family bears the shame.

That’s not just because fewer people smoke. According to experts at the Tax Foundation, the unequal state levies New York penalizes smokers with a $4.35 per pack sin tax vs. 55 cents a pack in West Virginia encourage smuggling. Collection Dia Art Foundation, New York. Photo: John Cliett. Courtesy Dia Art Foundation, New York.

In 1822, a man named Andreas Kurtz moved to England and began producing potassium bichromate and selling it to the English textile industry at 5 shillings a pound. Competition soon drove the price down to 8 pence, about an eighth of the original price. This did not give Kurtz a satisfactory profit, so he began producing other chrome compounds, specifically chrome pigments.

That’s where the “nuclear option” comes in. Republicans can go around the 60 vote requirement by using this rarely invoked procedural step to change the rules, so it would only take 51 votes to move forward on a Supreme Court nominee. Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D Nev.) took this step in 2013, when, in the face of ongoing GOP obstruction of President Barack Obama’s lower court nominees, Democrats changed the rules to require 51 votes for them.

People don’t tend to talk about things like messy eating very often . But Mat Fraser and Liz Carr love diving into the minutiae of disability life. In this archive clip from November 2010, the duo discuss the easy and hard things to eat depending on your impairment, and Mat recalls the time when he went to a Chinese restaurant with a friend who has no arms..

It snowed and froze for a week last year and the place shut down damn near the whole week. We don have the equipment to deal with it, and you see people just park their cars on the freeway and walk. It was crazy the first time I encountered this.. H. Hendy Associates opened up the rest of the office space by creating large opaque windows in each of the offices. Custom Sapeli wood doors with a single pane of green sandblasted glass enhance the lighting effect.

While all these brands still have fitness at their heart they are designed for the sporty woman Joanne Admiral took a different approach when she launched Hey Jo in June 2012. ‘The leggings are meant to be sold in a boutique fashion shop, alongside premium denim,’ Admiral says. ‘The brand is about luxury wellbeing and all that that encompasses.

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