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But then you think to yourself this, he’s the first billionaire athlete ever. It’s the most dizzying fall from grace in the history of maybe all entertainment. Although LeBron is giving him a run for his money this year. With the Cavs trailing by one, George Hill had two free throws with about five seconds left. He made the first and missed the second Cleveland had a shot for a buzzer beater. However, Smith was the one who wound up with the rebound, and instead of getting the ball to an open James or attempting a shot, he dribbled the ball out as the clock expired..

The character you play has untreated, severe depression, and the game leads you through what that feels like. The game has proved helpful both to sufferers and to those who want to find out more about the condition. Over one million people have played it since its launch..

Fernando Alonso has laid his cards on the table in terms of his long term career plan which is to win the Triple Crown. To achieve that, he will have to enter the Indy 500 as a once a year commitment, or leave Formula One altogether and take part in the IndyCar championship full time. It is not a straightforward decision.

Known for effortlessly combining fashion and function, kicks off the fall boot season with a visual storytelling of that message in a music video format made for television. The commercial features Gisele in the stretch plonge leather KOKO bootie doing the electric slide with an all male troupe of dancers, choreographed by Marty Kudelka at the world famous Millennium Dance Complex. True to the movement, Gisele is beauty and grace personified, capturing the emotion in motion of dancing in boots.

My name is difficult to pronounce on a good day. For a two year old it’s like talking through a mouth full of mashed potatoes. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when his excitement got the better of him and he waved and yelled, “Cow weenie,” when he walked passed me..

Today, phone lending carries significantly more weight. You can afford to take that chance. Not only did the phone cost you 500 bucks; there enough personal information on there to have your identity stolen five times over because who wants to input an email and password into their PayPal app every single time?.

He started painting giant portraits for narcissistic rich women, and Hindu gods and Arabic verses in calligraphy for religiously inclined rich men, replicas of famous paintings for those who considered themselves mentors d’art. Once or twice, he had even painted a particularly revered congressman (though he was a firm Leagui himself). The money he received for these paintings which were only good by small town standards, to be honest was more than enough for his family and Bala Ji (more on that later) to live comfortably on and pay monthly installments of their debts..

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