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The Year 2000: The world was in a tizzy because they thought all of the computers would die when they attempt to count past one thousand nine hundred ninety nine on New Year Eve. I was in a tizzy because the NBA All Star Game was being held in Oakland and I couldn go. Vince Carter (pictured above) blew up the spot with a between the legs dunk that set Steve Francis and VC cousin Tracy McGrady packin aerial display was the most electrifying show put on at any dunk contest.

Meriam Webster. Continue reading this postI’m no fan of Oprah, but.Glad my name’s not Edward McClelland. The poor guy’s in for three hours and 30 minutes of taunts if he follows through on his promise of running a marathon next spring. A person should abstain from it throughout his life especially in the month of Ramadan which is a month of forgiveness and blessings. It will only reduce his reward for what he gets for fasting. His fasting will not be nullified, it will not be invalidated but the reward will be reduced and as our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “If a person does not leave his false actions and false talks Allah does not require him to leave his drink and eating.”.

Armstrong’s highly publicized interview with Oprah Winfrey has brought renewed urgency to all of these claims against him. During an appearance on “CBS This Morning” on Tuesday, Oprah confirmed earlier reports that Armstrong did confess to PED use during the interview taped on Monday. The first part of the two part interview will air on Thursday..

Limitless comes from you looking at something and you think outside the box to get it done. Limitlessness comes from persistently pushing forward to get to your end goal. It comes from you not only saying that you can do it but doing it and showing the world and yourself that you can..

The camp will be held July 11 12 at Adelphi’s Motamed Field, from 9am to 3pm on both days. The camp is open to high school and junior college students and provides the campers the opportunity to train with Adelphi coaches and players to learn more about the Panthers soccer program and position themselves as future AU Panthers soccer players. The exciting showcase allows athletes looking to play lacrosse in college the ability to display their skills in front of, and learn and be coached by, more than 20 top college coaches, including representatives from the Univ.

On July 25, 7,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities will walk in the parade of nations at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the site of the 1932 and 1984 Olympic Games to represent their country with the same pride and the same determination as I did. First Lady Michelle Obama will attend the Opening Ceremony to show her admiration and respect for Special Olympics athletes. It will mark the start of the Special Olympics World Summer Games which run until August 2.

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